radarTOUCH has been designed for multitouch applications which exceed common display sizes and even different kinds of displays. The system is perfectly suitable to realise a contact-free interaction with any kind of screen or floor. The centrepiece of the system is an infrared laser which emits a laser fan across a defined area. This two-dimensional invisible area covers up to 25 meters, or for coverage of larger areas, several radarTOUCH systems can be integrated using the software extension tool – radarSTITCHER Another software extension tool also available is radarTRACK, which enables the radarTOUCH to determine the positions of up to four people.

Key features:

  • Contact-free interaction
  • Enormous range
  • Reliable hardware
  • Integrated test program
Model numbers
RTouch-500ME radarTOUCH original
RTouch-500ME-LT radarTOUCH light version
RTouch-500ME-HE radarTOUCH with heating for outdoor applications
RTouch-500ME-HE-LT radarTOUCH light version with heating for outdoor applications

Optical data
Measurement radius approx. 25 m‚ equals 50 m in width
Angular range max. 180°
Angular resolution 0.36°
Scanning rate 25 scans/s or 40 ms/scan
Transmitter infrared laser diode‚ laser class 1 (EN 60825)‚ wave length = 905 nm‚ P max = 15 W‚ pulse duration: 3 ns
Average output power 12 μW

Detection Fields
Object size > 20 mm at distance of 4 m‚ > 100 mm at distance of 15m
Response time at least 40 ms (corresponds to 1 scan)

Electrical data
Voltage supply + 24 VDC +20 %/- 30 %
Overcurrent protection fuse 2.5 A semi time-lagin the switching cabinet
Current consumption approx. 1 A (use power supply with min. 2A)‚ approx. 4 A (RTouch-500ME-HE)
Power consumption < 75 W at 24 V including the outputs
Overvoltage protection overvoltage protectionwith protected limit stop

Mechanical data
Housing diecast aluminium‚ plastic
Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 140 mm x 168 mm x 167 mm

Environmental data
Temperature RTouch-500ME 0 °C to +50 °C (operating)‚ -20 °C to +50 °C (storing)
Temperature RTouch-500ME-HE -20 °C to +50 °C (operating)‚ -20 °C to +50 °C (storing)
Dimensions 140 mm x 168 mm x 167 mm

Protection class IP65
Laser class 1 (acc. to EN 60825-1 and21 CFR 1040.10with Laser Notice No. 50)
VDE safety class III‚ protective extra-low voltage
Certifications CE‚ CDRH‚ c UL US
Standards applied IEC 60947-5-2‚ UL 508

Warranty: 24 months

radarTOUCH radarTOUCH LT
Including Hardware: Including Hardware:
01 USB dongle radarTOUCH USB dongle radarTOUCH LT
02 power cable power cable
03 mains adapter mains adapter
04 Ethernet cable Ethernet cable
05 RS232 cable RS232 cable
06 Standard mounting system
Software functions: Software functions:
07 startMinimised startMinimised
08 wideWorkingRange wideWorkingRange
09 minObjectSizeIs_1 minObjectSizeIs_1
10 flipXandY flipXandY
11 Blob reduction Blob reduction
12 mouseVersion1 mouseVersion1
13 mouseVersion2
14 mouseVersion3
15 allowStartingTwice
16 radarDROIDactive
17 radarTRACK
18 Number of simultaneous active areas: 10 Number of active areas: 1

What does that mean?

06 If you buy the LT version, the mounting system is sold separately. More information regarding mounting systems can be found in the radarTOUCH manual at chapter 3.1.

13 + 14 The LT version includes only one mouse version, which keeps the left mouse button clicked as long as an obstacle (e.g. hand or finger) stays in the active area. If the system detects two obstacles, it scrolls the mouse wheel up or down depending on the changing distance between the two obstacles. With this, a sort of zoom gesture can be found. More information regarding mouse versions can be found in chapter 4.3.2 of the radarTOUCH manual.

15 radarTOUCH LT cannot be started twice on one PC. If you need more than one system running on one PC you need the full version.

16 It is not possible to use the radarDROID app with the LT version. If you wish to control the radarTOUCH driver with an android device, the full version is required.

17 The radarTRACK software extension comes free with the radarTOUCH full version. No additional software extensions are included with the radarTOUCH LT.

18 With radarTOUCH LT you can send the TUIO data to just one IP address and port.

The interactive hoarding

At the university Mainz in Germany the students realised an impressive project. They used the windows of one of their buildings as an interacive presentation screen. The glass was painted with white colour to make it opaque and radarTOUCH was used to bring the interactivity.

The interactive shop window glass not only turns the shop window into an interactive advertising space, but enables direct sales at the point of sale around the clock, even after closing time.


Neon Nature – interactive light installation

This interactive and most of all creative installation uses several radarTOUCH systems simultanously.

The illuminated forest, consisting of plastic waste, demonstrates the human influence on nature. Whenever a visitor comes close to an illuminated tree, it turnes dark. That meens, the more visitors stay in the forest, the darker it gets.

The application originated as bachelor thesis of Nina Weilbächer (HS Mainz) and was amongst others supported by Solutions4AV.

UNIT9 – Stella Artois’ global Christmas campaign ‘Give Beautifully’

To detect the visitors hands in the open space UNIT9 used the RadarTouch. It creates a plane of infrared rays and can detect the position of any interference on that plane. They mounted two of them at about 2m from the floor to cover the entire room. Once a ‘touch’ was detected, the software would map it to the closest kinetic star and start bringing it down to the user’s hand.


Porsche introduces first hybrid model

The company stereolize realised this interactive and amazing presentation with radarTOUCH. Here, the interactive area was adjusted in front of the image plane, so that the speaker was able to control the presentation with hand gestures.



“This interactive installation wants to reflect the complex relationship between an individual and his environment. The visitor is invited to deal with his own presence and the influence he has on his surroundings giving him the responsibility to decide in what way is a form of “cohabitation” possible.”

Felipe Sanchez Luna realised this amazing installation. The radarTOUCH scans the floor, so that the visitors’ distance to the sphere is detected and can be used to change the sound and the shape of the sphere.

radarTOUCH on ice

Habegger made this happen! 6 radarTOUCH sytems were scanning above the ice surface of an ice rink. The software extension tool radarSTITCHER combined these 6 systems into one big interactive area. The ice skaters could therefore be tracked in every position across the whole sheet of ice.

6×4 and 3×3 interactive video walls

These two video walls were made of 33 x NEC X462 ultra narrow displays.
2 radarTOUCH units made the whole wall interactive.
The amazing multi touch app was created by MOOV.

Interactive videowall for Dubai Property Group at Cityscape 2013

3monkeys created an eye-catching interactive touch wall controlled by radarTOUCH to attract exhibition guests, as well as offer them the opportunity to gain various degrees of insight into DPG projects and destinations in Dubai.

Up to three users could interact with the video wall at one time. The interface and content could be switched between English and Arabic at any time to suit each user. 3monkeys made sure that individual interfaces would never overlap so guests could browse through all DPG projects without other users interfering with the process.

radarTOUCH @ Open Innovation Russia 2013

For the exhibition “Open Innovation Russia 2013” iTechnol developed an amazing interactive Ventuz presentation with the ability to manipulate 3D objects.

All presentation materials were adapted to the single three-dimensional interactive environment with the possibility of multiple users.

The presentation was shown on a multitouch video wall consisting of 12 displays, making the total size of this huge display wall 4.2 x 1.8 meters.

One radarTOUCH was used to control the whole wall. It was mounted above the wall, not in the middle but on the right side.


The first exhibition of Genariya took place at “Gebäude 27” in Mainz, Germany.

Christine Lyschik created this impressive illusion of a living creature. She used radarTOUCH to track the visitors and give feelings to Genariya.


Here is an abstract of her description:

“This media art project creates the illusion of a living creature, named Genariya, using the tools of VVVV programming, motion capturing and 3D sound design.

96 lightballs positioned in the shape of a tornado are creating Genariya’s living space, which seems to exist far beyond the borders of the actual installation. The light creature interacts with the moving audience, expressing its emotions like fear, sadness and happiness…”

Ride with radarTOUCH at CITE 2013

The visitors of the “Hong Kong Jockey Club” booth at “China International Tourism Indurstry Expo 2013” were lucky. They were able to be part of a digital horse race.

As the video shows, it was fun to control the game by running on the spot. radarTOUCH was scanning the floor and detected the “riding” people. This creative game was realized by Leovation.


In September 2013 students used the radarTOUCH system to visualise global data and statistics. This gesture controlled app is based on Unity3D-Engine.

radarTOUCH at HKT

In August 2013 Leovation integrated an impressive installation at HKT. Since then four displays in portrait mode show the multi touch app that is controled by the hidden radarTOUCH system.

So the visitor is able to inform himself in a futuristic way.

Zoom in op Kölle

At Photokina 2012 the largest plasma display of the world was used to show the largest picture of Cologne. Additionally this big screen was interactive. The visitors could zoom in and out and chose a picture detail with their hands. The radarTOUCH system interpreted the gestures and let the people take control. This amazing set up was realised by Von Aichberger & Roenneke

radarTOUCH @ Atomexpo

At the exhibition “Atomexpo” in St. Petersburg the company AEP iTechol set up a multi touch video wall consisting of 15 Full HD 46” Samsung displays. This amazing screen was controlled by one radarTOUCH system. The overall size of the video wall was 5.1 x 1.8 metres.

The content was an interactive game, with the ability to manipulate 3D objects and the individual elements of the presentation in a three-dimensional environment.

radarTOUCH @ VOSS IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2012

For the IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2012 the Düsseldorf based Die Astronauten and agency RTS created a set of highly interactive applications for their client VOSS Automotive, including three radarTOUCH based 3D showcase systems. Provided with those very immersive tools, the clients corporate sales were able to make VOSS‘ products accessible to their customers like never before.
A main challenge was to make the application feature rich while maintaining a nice usability with the radarTOUCH system.

VW Up! Roadshow powered by radarTOUCH

Volkswagen Up! premiered during the Motor Show fair in Pozna. MOOV presented the vehicle in an unconventional way, since interactivity was the most important feature of the project. Thanks to the radarTOUCH technology the participants were able to activate particular sequences of the movie demonstrating the abilities of the car using gestures. The animations were displayed on a video wall comprised of 16 Nec x461UN displays, divided into 4 sections, thanks to which MOOV succeeded in achieving a very high resolution. This way the customers were able to get a near-real-life experience of the new Volkswagen without even starting the engine.

Interactive Brand Space

At the Light + Building 2012 SensoryMinds created an interactive video wall with a width of 15 metres! Two combined radarTOUCH units were covering the 12 displays in portrait mode. But that was not all: Two additional radarTOUCH devices were reponsible for two small video walls, each with 3 displays in portrait mode. The multitouch application was shown on all three video walls and the users had fun by natively using and feeling the whole set up.

Multitouchwand SORTIMO IAA 2012

The guys from the Realtime Department created this Multitouchwall for Sortimo to present their products during the IAA Commeracial Vehicle Show 2012 in Hannover. The wall was made of a 4×3 cluster with 55’’ NEC X551UN ultra narrow displays and was controlled by one radarTOUCH unit installed above the screens. Visitors could easily explore the products and how to combine them with different cars.

Multi Touch Experience Cube

Sensory Minds created together with Realtime Department this really impressive interactive Cube. The walkable cube for the GRASS GmbH has been the highlight at the Interzum 2011 trade show in Cologne. 23 LCD displays attached inside the “Multitouch Experience Cube” formed a 14 meter long multitouch wall split up into three walls. Each wall was controlled by one radarTOUCH unit.

radarTOUCH with rear projection

In this demo video MOOV shows us some different applications and how to control them with radarTOUCH on a huge rear projection screen.

radarTOUCH and DisPlayer

A-BLOK’s product DisPlayer let Soul Legends look good!

DisPlayer is an interactive galery and in this case the street artist Dan23 made the content to honor the stars of soul music. But you can also fill the app with other content like product photos or other videos. You even have the possibility to let the user buy something via smart phone.

Interactive Porsche 911 during press launch

Stereolize created that presentation for the new Porsche 911 Press Launch. In this radarTOUCH units enabled interactivity directly with the real sports car. Two radarTOUCH were installed on each side of the car giving the presenter the possibility to highlight different parts of the car.

Press resonance after Microsoft CeBIT 2012

And again in 2012 Stereolize created again a massive touchscreen for Microsoft during the Cebit! In this video you can see some press resonance on the setup. It’s in German so if you don’t understand be sure that everyone really liked it.

Large interactive presentation for Microsoft

For the Cebit Fair 2011 in Hannover, Stereolize created a huge interactive touchscreen for the Microsoft booth. Moderators could easily control their fully interactive presentation.

radarTOUCH on Channel5

Channel 5 in Russia uses radarTOUCH with ORAD realtime software for some easy to handle interaction for their news anchors.

Innovative interactive sales presentation

As part of Novartis sales conference, MOOV prepared a presentation of Excedrin MigraStop, a new product which was officially launched on the Polish market in January 2013. The product demonstration included: an innovative presentation controlled with a 7m x 4m touchscreen powered by radarTOUCH, a 3D mapping presentation projected on the set design and the stage, a 3D movie. During the multimedia presentation entitled ”Migraine”, the audience, surrounded by three-dimensional projections, spatial sound and increasingly intense aromas, were able to experience the real symptoms of the disorder: visual and auditory disturbances, sensitivity to strong smells, light and sound.

Red Bull radarTOUCH game

Leovation created this amazing game for RedBull! Looks like a really fun game for multiples player on the stage.

radarTOUCH controlled skyline

Leovation created that huge 9.3m touchwall with multiple radarTOUCH units to create a stunning touch experience. The interactive displays where showcasing the skyline and building of both sides of Victoria harbour for the Interactive Resources Center for Construction Industry Council.

radarTRACK game

Playing games with radarTOUCH!

Cat and Mouse realised this with our radarTRACK software tool