Customised Solutions

Experience and know-how are the engines for increased efficiency and technological development – especially for specific applications and product groups.

Driven by this approach, EXACT solutions develops, constructs and produces individual solutions for professional users in the AV industry.

A lot of customised solutions are part of immersive rooms. As this topic becomes more and more important for the AV industry we prepared all important facts here:
Immersive Rooms

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For the digital background in a TV studio, we have developed an extremely wide, curved mounting system that holds the flexible projection surface. In order to counteract the expansion or contraction of this approx. 17 m wide projection surface, the construction was provided with a flexible support bracket.

The picture is generated by 7 projectors that are installed behind the screen. Because there is not much space, surface mirrors are used to mirror the picture before it is provided to the screen. To hold the 7 projectors in their exact position, they were fixed by an elaborate supporting structure that also positiones the surface mirrors.

This multi touch video wall, which extends on 3 sides of the room and even over the corners, was designed and built for an impressive immersive room. The mounting system ensures a flat surface and thus an ergonomic touch experience. Three primeTOUCH no-Y systems are responsible for the interaction, one for each side of the room. Like the displays and the protective glass, the primeTOUCH frames are held securely in position by the metal construction.

You can watch a video of the completed installation here.

A new, immersive exhibition was to be realised for a museum. For this purpose, displays and LED lighting should be brought together in the desired position so that they can interact perfectly. So we combined these components with a custom-made steel structure. The result are several display totems with a height of almost 4 m. A really impressive experience when you walk through the totem forest and light, sound and image cast a spell over you.

In order to support the flow of information in a large auditorium, it should be equipped with interactive display walls. The challenge here was that the wall that was going to be interactive is curved. Exactly the right environment for our primeTOUCH curved system, which has made the curved displays interactive since the day of installation.

An LED wall as a background is what makes a TV studio a modern, efficient and, above all, flexible work environment. We have already successfully supported various studios in the implementation of their LED projects, from planning to installation. The requirements are different every time. Sometimes the wall has to be mobile, sometimes it has to be curved, sometimes it has to be motorised. The environment and the possibilities of mounting are always different, so each installation is unique.

Stacked and hanged, so the composition of these three LED walls. The three parts are held securely in position with an individual mounting system. The stacked wall is also curved to a certain radius and the two hanged walls are mounted in an exact angle to each other. Standing in front of this installation gives a particularly spectacular impression.

In order to ensure front access to an LED wall, we have developed an electronically movable solution that allows each module to be moved out individually. In the event of a defective module, it can be replaced immediately without dismantling the entire LED wall.

This “projector tower” was developed and manufactured in multiple copies for one of the largest outdoor projections realised so far. It was tailored to the requirements for this project and designed so that all the necessary configurations were available.

What is the best way to put a 98 “touch display down? This question has been answered with our table mount for very large touch displays. It was originally developed for the primeTOUCH UHD 98. Thanks to its flexible design, it can also be adapted to other very large touch displays.

Our interactive refrigerator is one of the first transparent special solutions. Before this type of product was available as standard, it was developed for a special project and is therefore the pioneer of all current interactive refrigerators.

This small premium touch table was designed for the foyer of the future. With its leather body and a full HD touch display based on fluxTOUCH technology, it is an asset to any high-class office or exclusive waiting area.