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Professional products for any application range

There are many different fields in the media technology industry. For the most important of them, we have developed standard solutions and flexible systems that are well thought out and quickly available. These products and systems are divided into 6 groups to ensure a good overview.

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Public Space Hygiene

With our new product group Public Space Hygiene, we have set ourselves the task of helping the event industry with intelligent and really useful products. With our Public Space Hygiene solutions, events can take place safely and the industry can prepare for the “new” future.

Mechanical SOLUTIONS

In media installations, techniques for mounts, fixings and adjustments often play a crucial role. With individual and thought-out solutions, set-up and installation times can be considerably decreased – leading to a visibly improved result.


The focus here is on special viewing experiences. Our product development team creates solutions from innovative and promising technologies to serve as impressive fixed installations, at trade fairs as well as at events.

Interactive SOLUTIONS

Media installations with touch functions are omnipresent. Here the type of interactive technology is the key parameter, which is decisive for purposeful and intuitive use.

Electronic SOLUTIONS

Special electronic equipment could lead to the optimisation of whole operations. Deep expert knowledge, experience and a practical approach allow for the development of customised tools for testing, control, operation and also communication.


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Customised solutions for any application range

How does a lucent and interactive display become part of a fridge?

How can projectors be part of a low maintenance fixed installation?

How can big screens become multitouch capable?

The answer to these very different questions is simple: EXACT solutions. These example applications can be found on the following pages.

Interactive fridge with primeTOUCH lucent
Custom made low maintenance projector tower
Easy to service LED front access solution
Table with integrated fluxTOUCH customised
Interactive mobile bookshelf with primeTOUCH customised
Individual mounting systems for curved LED
Realisation of an immersive installation