Object recognition up to 98 inches on the primeTOUCH flat using infrared technology | EXACT solutions

Objekterkennung bis 98 Zoll mittels Infrarot-Touchscreen. Marker-Chip als zu erkennendes Objekt von eyefactive auf einem primeTOUCH flat von EXACT solutions.

Major progress in the developement of infrared touchscreens: From now on, object recognition using infrared technology (IR) will be available on the proven primeTOUCH flat from EXACT solutions, up to a size of 98 inch. This means,  it was possible to significantly increase the size limit of the touch displays used for this kind of application.

The infrared frame of primeTOUCH flat

The fact that object recognition works with a display up to a size of 98 inch, is thanks to the use of an infrared frame. The technology used in the primeTOUCH flat enables a very narrow border, which provides a look that is similar to a PCAP touch display. 

For the object recognition: eyefactive developes adaptive marker chips

Objects are recognized on the primeTOUCH flat using so-called marker chips. For this purpose, eyefactive has adapted markers specifically for recognition on IR technology. The marker chips are passive and therefore do not require a battery. The primeTOUCH flat from EXACT solutions supports the simultaneous recognition of 10 objects.


You can also find a detailed press release on this from our partner eyefactive.

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