The fluxTOUCH gen3 is the next step in the fluxTOUCH evolution and replaces the fluxTOUCH and fluxTOUCH ultra. Based on „mutual projected capacitive technology“, touch points be recognised through glass capacitively. This technology enables a plane display surface and therefore a slim and innovative design. Another advantage of this technology is the immunity to disturbing ambient light.

Key features:

Beside the standard fluxTOUCHgen 3 Series units, we offer custom made PCAP Foil solutions. We also offer the lamination of the foil, onto glass that can come from us, or is provided by the customer. Next to glass, other carrier materials such as Makrolon polycarbonate can be used. Contact us for more information.



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Available sizes 55"‚ 65"
Display resolution Ultra-High Definition (UHD) 3840 x 2160
Basic display NEC V554Q‚ NEC X551UHD‚ NECX651UHD-2‚ NEC P/V654Q
Panel V554Q: LCD IPS with edge-LED backlight
X551UHD: LCD S-PVA with edge-LED backlight
X651UHD-2: LCD S-IPS with Edge-LED backlight
P/V654Q: LCD M-VA with direct-LED backlight (with local dimming)
Brightness V554Q/X551UHD: 450 nit (500 nit without PCAP sensor)
X651UHD-2: 390 nit (450 nit without PCAP sensor)
V654Q: 450 nit (500 nit without PCAP sensor)
P654Q: 630 nit (700 nit without PCAP sensor)

Touch Technology
Technology PCAP metal mesh
Touch inputs Up to 80 simultaneous touch points with palm rejection
Input method Finger‚ Tangible Object Recognition (TOR)‚ thin gloves
Accuracy >99% of true position
Touch refresh rate greater that 100 Hz (<10 ms response time)
Communication USB HID Digitizer
Connection USB A female connector
Native driver support Windows 7‚ 8‚ 10‚ Linux on request
3rd-party driver Mac OS (Intel)

Installation/ Operation
Dimensions/ weight 55" (V554Q): 1276 x 746‚50 x 75 mm (+/-2‚0 mm)‚ 40kg
55"(X551UHD): 1276 x 746‚50 x 79 mm (+/-2‚0 mm)‚ 42kg
65" (X651UHD-2): 1524 x 899 x 89 mm (+/-2‚5 mm)‚ 63 kg
65" (P/V654Q): 1524 x 899 x 88 mm (+/-2‚5 mm)‚ 62.5 kg
Operating temperature 0 °C to +35 °C
Operating humidity 20% RH to 80% RH
Orientation Landscape‚ portrait‚ face-up‚ (with additional precautions)
Operating time 24/7

Warranty: 24 months‚ excluding USB cable‚ board connectors and protection glass

EXACT solutions can offer PCAP tailormade solutions up to 135“ in different aspect ratios. This comprises single touch foils laminated on customised glass plates as well as complete packages with mounting construction and integration.

Connection USB 2.0 (Full Speed) connector type A
Operating system Windows 7‚ 8‚ 10‚ MAC OS X‚ Linux‚ Android
Software interface native Windows 7‚ 8 and 10 touch commands‚ TUIO‚ HID

Technology mutual projected capacitive
Response time 5 ms
Frame rate 50 fps
Touch points detects up to 100touch points simultaneously
Method detects any kind of grounded object (finger‚ gloved finger‚ grounded stylus‚…)

Sizes up to 135"

Warranty: individually calculated for each project

During the lamination process cosmetic defects like bubbles or dents can occur
These defects are not visible if the display is turned on
55” = up to 6 defects
65” = up to 8 defects
75” = up to 10 defects


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