Evolve Technology: The new EXACT solutions distributor for the US market

Evolve Technology announced that it has become the US distributor of mechanical solutions from EXACT solutions GmbH  

In a big world, finding the right partner makes distances seem small. This is something two companies from two different continents would agree on. With a good relationship, that grew even stronger with time, they developed a deep, trustworthy business connection.

So, it was not a big surprise when EXACT solutions GmbH, a German manufacturer with tradition in developing mechanical and other special solutions for the professional AV Market announced that Evolve Technology, a company that that stands for state-of-the-art gear and pristine customer support will be their distributor for mechanical solutions on the US Market.  

„We are so proud to have Evolve Technology as our distributor. Their attention for detail and the level of quality they offer to their customers, make them a perfect partner for us. We share their values and admire their commitment to good service and continuous training. I strongly believe that together, we will be able to provide outstanding solutions, both standard and customised, to the US clientele.” revealed Tobias Schwirten, CEO of EXACT solutions.

“EXACT solutions has some really great, innovative products that we are happy to introduce to our customers. The fact that most engineers have a strong AV background can be discovered in their designs, where they consider how a product behaves during operation, what is relevant for its installation and dismantling and what challenges might occur. Our customers can enjoy some well thought-out, easy to use products with a strong focus on safety, made in Germany,” added Tyler Mayne, President, Evolve Technology.