The Fibercheck-880 was developed for an easy and fast fibre cable interval test. Expert knowledge in optical fibre metrology is not needed. A quick and uncomplicated application is one of the advantages of this testing unit. Another one is its 19”-housing with only one rack unit (RU) height. Neutrik opticalCON QUAD and opticalCON DUO chassis connectors for direct testing of the commonly used opticalCON cables are integrated without further adaptation. Additionally, SC- and ST duplex chassis connectors for testing breakout- and patch cables are available.

Key features:

  • easy handling
  • quick test of multimode cables with the most important connectors
  • fast error detection
  • 8 independent light sources
  • 8 independent optical fibre power meters
Technical specifications
Operating voltage 110 – 240 V AC
Rated input 7 W
Mains input terminal neutrik powerCON True1
Housing 19“‚ 1HE‚ depth: 254 mm
Glass fibre light source 8x multimode‚ 850 nm incl.cut off sensor
Glass fibre power meter 8x multimode‚ 850 nm with10x LED bargraph display

Test connectors:

  • OpticalCON QUAD transmitter and receiver connector
  • OpticalCON DUO transmitter and receiver connector
  • SC Duplex transmitter and receiver connector
  • ST Duplex transmitter and receiver connector

The following multimode fibre cable/connector combinations can
be tested:

  • OpticalCON QUAD – OpticalCON QUAD
  • OpticalCON DUO – OpticalCON DUO
  • OpticalCON QUAD with splitbox to OpticalCON DUO
  • SC – SC
  • ST – ST
  • LC – LC (OpticalCON DUO connector)
  • SC – ST
  • SC – LC
  • ST – LC