Easy Frame System

easyFrame and easyHook are mounting systems for the construction of monitor walls from so-called ultra-narrow displays (displays with a particularly narrow frame).

There are adapted “frames” and “hooks” for the various display types, which can be put together modularly to form large video walls.

Many types are already recorded in our database, visit www.easyFrame.eu and have your video wall easily calculated.

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easyFrame is a mounting system for the construction of monitor walls . There are adapted frames for the different monitor types, which are assembled into large screens as a modular system.

Frames and spacers are placed on the base. These are supported at the back with stackers and stacker spacers. The monitors are attached to the frames with screen screws. Anchor plates attached to the corners of the screen enable the arrangement in the plane with special magnetic holders. Corresponding fine adjustment options allow the screens to be optimally adjusted so that a right-angled alignment is achieved with the narrowest and most uniform gaps so that the entire surface is flat.

At www.easyFrame.eu, the required components for a specific screen type and the desired size of the multi touch video wall can be determined.

easyHook is a mounting system for fixed installations of ultra-narrow monitors. The screens are simply hung on a substructure adapted to the wall by hooks screwed onto the back. The hook makes it extremely easy to adjust the alignment so that the gaps between the screens are minimized. The individual screens are connected by magnetic holders to bring them to one level.