LED Hanging

The LED profiles are firmly locked on special hanging brackets which are suspended using stable eyebolts. The entire LED wall then hangs on these brackets in the desired size. The hanging brackets are available as single, dual or triple brackets. The hanging brackets are each adapted to the corresponding LED modules and manufactured accordingly.

Find a detailed description of the system here:

LED Stacking Overview

In addition to the flexible LED hanging system that can be adapted for a wide variety of LED modules, there are also standard products such as AOTO-M-SKO-TRS1 that was specially designed for AOTO M3.5 and can be used for almost all applications with suspended AOTO M3.5 modules.

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Dimensions 470 x 40 x 120 mm
Weight 4.7 kg
Weight Load Limit 100 kg
Installation options 1 cabinets in a row‚ max. 8 rows in height
Compatibility AOTO M3.5

Download a detailed description of our LED Stacking and LED Hanging System:

LED Stacking Overview