V-Lab300E-LT UVC air purifier in use at Kaarster hairdresser

V-Lab300E-LT at Braun - der Friseur 01

Beautiful hair without a higher risk of developing corona! The good service here goes beyond the beauty.

Clean air with Air Sanitizer from EXACT solutions

4 x V-Lab300E-LT UVC air purifiers were placed in exactly the right place to achieve the best possible air disinfection. The integrator Goertz Medientechnik Service GmbH planned the installation in such a way, that the focus was not only on the effectiveness of the devices, but also on the aesthetics of the room.

V-Lab300E-LT strong, quiet, reliable

With an output of 300m³/hour, the elegant all-rounder is strong enough to disinfect larger rooms and is whisper-quiet, so that it does not bother at all in beauty salons, but also in offices or conference rooms. With the extensive range of accessories, the UVC air sterilizer is transformed into a mobile air purifier against corona.

Certified air disinfection

With continuous operation in closed rooms, the EXACT solutions UVC air purifiers demonstrably reduce the virus concentration and thus the risk of infection with airborne diseases. The V-Lab300E-LT was tested independently by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and its effectiveness was certified.


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