GhosT-OLED 2019

The new GhosT-OLED is available.

The main component of the new S4AV GhosT-OLED product line is the brand new LG Transparent OLED 55EW5F-A display. Its innovative OLED technology offers not only vivid colours and a wide viewing angle, but also an impressive transparency of 38 % – dark image contents appear transparent and bright image contents opaque. This allows objects or even entire rooms behind the panel to be included in the content and set in scene. The GhosT OLED series was specially developed for the requirements and use in the professional AV market. The GhosT-OLED can be easily installed in walls or tables, used as a stand-alone solution or as a transparent video wall and even made touch-capable thanks to the various product versions and the associated flexibility. For every kind of installation there is always the optimal version or the right accessory. If this is not the case, the S4AV will help you find the right individual solution. All GhosT OLED products in which the LG display is installed come with a three-year warranty.