Little helper – the Ultimaker 2 Extended+

Since the beginning of this year, our solutions department is been supported by a small helper – our 3D printer, which is able to produce three-dimensional workpieces by a speed of up to 24 mm³/s. With an installation space of only 223 x 223 x 305 mm, it comes into action every day for the production of small batches or prototyping. In this case, the parts are built up by layer (FDM) and are usually made of plastics such as polylactide (PLA) or acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS).

Whether in printing of a prototype for small housings or touch markers, or in the production of small series such as packing plates for special purposes, adjustment instruments for the bonding of touch-sensors or protective covers for adapter boards. Everything is possible with our 3D printer, thanks to accurate detail control in almost all shapes and sizes.

This is a great relief for us as it saves us from long delivery times of small parts and also allows us to “be on the safe side”, since test prints can be tested before it comes to serial production. Thus, this allows us to act quickly, flexibly and creatively in order to further develop our products or design new ones.


3D Drucker Ultimaker_3 3D Drucker Ultimaker_2