TITAN display lift

TITAN display lift

The rise of a new TITAN.

With the new TITAN display lift, large displays and LED walls can be transported and set up easily and safely. The electric driven base makes the height adjustment to a child’s play. The rotation system enables the user to turn the attached display from landscape to portrait mode and back again without much effort.
The 4-vector damping makes the transport of LED walls particularly safe. The individual modules are safely mounted in their position and potential forces during the transport are absorbed in horizontal and vertical direction.
With the TITAN transport case, loading and unloading is quick and easy. As soon as the case covers have been removed, only one person can take over the further handling as the system pushes itself out of the flight case.


Key features:

  • Innovative maintenance-free 4-Vector damping
  • Easy Landscape/Portrait rotation 
  • Validated safety
  • Easy load and unload with TITAN Flightcase
Dimensions top position*1 2372 x 1118 x 750 mm
Dimensions bottom position*1 1559 x 1118 x 750 mm
Weight*1 176 kg
Lifting distance approx. 1000 mm
Orientation Landscape/ Portrait
Max. screen size approx. 136 diagonal inch
Max. weight load 250 kg
Power consumption max. 360 Watt
Accessory TITAN transport case (depending on screen size)


*1 without transport case and screen